ACT Test

The ACT test is administered five times a year and actual testing time lasts 2 hours and 55 minutes. Students are tested in English, mathematics, science, and reading. The highest possible score you can receive is 36 and you’re allowed to re-take it as many times as you choose. Students often take it once their junior and again their senior year and it’s known that 55% of students increase their composite score on the re-take.

Most colleges in the mid-west prefer the ACT test over the SAT test, so most students in Central MN need to take the ACT test rather than the SAT test. 

ACT Prep

Some students who want to improve their ACT score join a 6-8 week study group prior to taking the test.  These are usually offered in March-April, watch for email announcements to join one of these groups.   

ACT Test Locations / Registration

Most students take the ACT test in April.  In order to take the ACT test you need to register your student at a school that administers the ACT test.  There are several places in the area that administer the ACT testing, such as SCCS and Cathedral.  

During the registration process your student can chose up to three colleges that their score will be sent to for free upon taking the exam.  This is a great opportunity to think about what colleges your student may attend and have them ready for registration.