About Us

Home Educated Youth (HEY) is a Central Minnesota home-school support group comprised of approximately 200+ member families. HEY is a non-denominational, Christian-based group that welcomes all philosophies of home-schooling.

Our mission is to collectively support the concept of Home-schooling; To help our members effectively teach our youth through the organization of information and resources, to share our talents and experiences, and to leverage our membership size to negotiate discounts for home-school products and services. The primary purpose of the HEY organization is the dissemination of home-school related information to the members. One of the primary benefits of HEY membership is inclusion on the HEY Email list which is used to keep our members informed of the many events and activities available to our home-schooling families.

Within the main structure we have smaller 'focus' groups whose members share a common interest and often create co-op learning groups throughout the year. These small groups organize many activities open to HEY members such as field trips, theatrical plays, project fairs, and team sports.

HEY membership is affordable. The yearly dues are only $25.00 (some small group activities may require an additional fee). If you are interested in joining HEY, click the 'Become a Member' page and complete the on-line application, or contact our membership coordinator for additional information.