Fall Rally

Each year we have a Rally to kick off the new school year. The fall Rally is usually sometime in August. Please attend the Rally for encouragement, a speaker and to pick up your HEY Members Directory.  This year there will be a limited amount that will be printed off as a hard copy.  See Members Only section for more information on location and time.

While attending the Rally, there will be a Used Curriculum Sale.  Please contact the HEY President for more information about buying and selling your curriculum.  

Previous Fall Rally Guest Speakers:

2017      Kris Cox (MACHE speaker)

2016      Homeschool father and Pastor, Matthew Molesky (Modern Day Warriors: A Vision of Parenting From Psalm 127)

2015      Sandy Norlin (veteran homeschooler with 3 adult children) 

2014      Sara McKeever (new to homeschooling) and Ilo Diehl (veteran homeschooler)

2013      Dad Panel

2012      25th year of HEY, Kathy Smith

2011      Veteran Homeschool Panel and Christina Friedman

2010      Jerri and Molli Ophoven (MACHE leadership)

2009      Sheila Bien and Sandy Norlin

2008      Mrs. Swenson