There are too many homeschool co-ops to list them all.  Many homeschool co-ops are 2-8 families and can be found in almost every city.  Here are some of the largest co-ops.

Area Co-ops

Sara Hebert
Registration Coordinator

Catholic Small Group
Jamie Austad
In our Catholic Homeschool Group we celebrate our Catholic faith through Mass, prayer and fellowship.  We have First Friday devotions, Family Rosary opportunities, teen youth nights, Net Mass carpools, Kids Pro-Life Club, VBS, 2 Troops of St. George, Sisters of Schoenstatt girls youth, All Saint's Party, Epiphany Party and an Easter Party. We have a May crowning Mass, Lake days, a Catholic Women's Book Club and much more!

Classical Conversations
Nicole Ruprecht
Foundations and Essentials Director
Saint Cloud Classical Conversations
We believe that education finds its purpose and culmination in knowing God and making Him known. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, we invest heavily in equipping parents & educators with the “tools of learning” based on a Biblical world view in order to impact the world for God’s glory.
 Please go to our website for information on community locations, program information and curriculum resources.

Love of Learning Homeschool Group
A small group of 8-12 year olds have the privilege of joining us on an adventure in learning. Love of Learning is a 12-month program designed for working parents and anyone who wants to ignite students' passion for learning. We believe students should LOVE to learn and know HOW to learn!
When students can do these things, everything else falls into place!
For Info: 320-291-296
Jacqi Glenn