Our Leadership

Home Education Youth (HEY) began in 1987 and has been the leading homeschool network in Central MN for 31 years.  

The leadership board is made up of volunteer homeschool parents that want to make a difference in the world.  In the last few years, they have accomplished quite a bit. 

For example, in the past families found high-school homeschooling to be too challenging, but in the last 7 years HEY has graduated over 100 students and the class sizes are still growing.  They also added several major events like Science Rocks, Spelling Bee, Abstinence Presentation along with many group field trips and even a few new Sports.  Currently, there are 700+ students that are part of HEY.  This is a larger group of students than most schools in Central MN.

The HEY leadership team is making some of the greatest differences in the next generation.  The leadership team is also a great place to gain leadership training, as many board members go on to leadership positions in the community. 

There is a lot to gain by joining the leadership team. Homeschooling is the most enjoyable way to watch children learn and grow without missing anything along the way.  Watching homeschoolers graduate and pursue their goals knowing that you made a contribution is unforgettable. 

Teachers change the world.  If you ever find yourself looking for a place to make a difference in the world consider joining the leadership team.