College CLEP / DSST

High school students can take CLEP / DSST exams in order to earn college credit for general courses.  We have several groups of students in different co-ops that participate in these.  The advantage of these exams is that students can take them before they begin PSEO, from 8-10 grade.  Then in 11-12 grade they can move to PSEO.  These exams are a great way to get students used to college before they get there. 

Here are several reasons to consider CLEP/DSST for your students:

  1. you will save a lot of money - 1/10th the cost (~$30 per credit vs. ~$300 per credit at state college/with fees)
  2. small class sizes increase the likelihood of your student passing and gaining confidence to continue college
  3. the instructors are the best teachers in the world, veteran homeschooler teachers
  4. each study group can determine the best times to meet, flexible schedules
  5. taking these courses before college removes the ability of college professors to use these general courses to change your students worldviews
  6. students can continue taking CLEP/DSST exams after high school and while in college
  7. students with CLEP/DSST credits sometimes have an easier time registering for classes at a University because they don't have to compete for the general classes which are the first to fill up, because they already have credit for them

Cheri Frame - Credits Before College - offers informational workshops about the process, several have been in St. Cloud.

Laura Luna - http://lunaeducationalservices.com/ - offers study groups in Elk River, Coon Rapids, Wayzata and Bloomington.

College PSEO

Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO) is a state program that allows high-school students to take classes at state colleges, which is paid for by the state. But there are a few requirements before students can qualify for PSEO. Contact your local college to get the requirements for your student at that school.

Here is the St. Cloud Technical College website regarding PSEO. http://www.sctcc.edu/pseo

Here is the Alexandria Technical & Community College website regarding PSEO. https://alextech.edu/academics/pseo

Here is the St. Cloud State University website regarding PSEO. http://www.stcloudstate.edu/pseo/ 

program deadlines - June 1 for fall enrollment, November 1 for spring enrollment

"The PSEO program covers all applicable tuition, fees and textbooks. It covers consumable supplies that are required specifically for a course, such as art supplies, film, etc. The program does not supply general school supplies or non-consumable supplies such as calculators, instrument rental, uniforms, etc. On-campus housing and parking costs are the responsibility of the student.  Textbooks used through the program are property of SCSU. These materials must be returned to the on-campus bookstore during finals week."