Enrichment Classes

Local co-ops offer many enrichment classes but there are also a number of enrichment classes offered outside of co-ops.

Each year, teachers from the HEY community usually offers enrichment classes like;

  • Art classes
  • An Introduction to Worldview
  • Music classes
  • Writing classes
  • College Note-Taking and Study Skills
  • Student Tutoring


I am Kathy Smith and have taught composition/writing for eleven years as a homeschool instructor and ten years in public and private schools.  Using a combination of the Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) and my own resources, I enjoy working together with students to spark and instill  their God-given writing talents on paper.  Whether the class is a beginning writing course or an advanced college-prep composition class, it excites me to observe the improvements and polished works of the students.  I am blessed to offer some eight-week sessions to our homeschool community.

  * Beginning Writing (Level A) *: Grades 3-6. Starting with simple sentences and the paragraph form, the student will learn to take a written paragraph and create new sentences using the basic keyword outline, rough draft, stylistic techniques such as dress-ups, openers, decorations and a composition checklist.  By imitating quality writing, they will progress to two and three paragraph writing with creative brainstorming techniques. This is a great 'imagination-gone-wild' course to motivate both reluctant and eager young writers.

* Essay Writing (Level C)  *:  Grades 7-12. Starting with the basic 5-paragraph model, we will study the traditional essay format with key word outline, rough draft, and strong introductions and conclusions.  There will be written practice in expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive essays in the college MLA style.   Stylistic Techniques will include dress-ups, openers, Advanced decorations (literary elements), and triple extensions. The students will learn about research, references, and how to cite their sources within the written essay and use a "Works Cited" page.  Requirement: the student must have taken Beginner’s writing prior to this class (or an equivalent course).

* British Literature Discussion Group I *:  Grades 8-12.  We will be using the Lightning Literature textbook entitled British Literature: Early-Mid 19th Century.  Along with reading FOUR classic books (Pride and Prejudice, Ivanhoe, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre), there will be a written essay assignment after each major book discussion.  There will be quizzes and discussion questions to ponder with lively discourse in our weekly class sessions. Textbooks needed:  Lightning Literature British Literature: Early-Mid 19th Century (Order it from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources) and copies of the reading books.

* Student tutoring *:  Individual tutoring for students with specific needs or interests.  Please contact Kathy Smith for details and time slots available.

* Intermediate Composition/Writing *(Level B) : Grades 6-9. Concentrating on 3-5 paragraph writing pieces, the student will be introduced to writing narrative stories, summarizing references, using a composition checklist, incorporating stylistic techniques such as dress-ups, openers, decorations, figures of speech, and implementing resources into their papers.     They will finish with a five-paragraph critique of a movie or book. Requirement:  Must have taken Beginner’s writing prior to this class.

* Advanced Composition *: Grades 10-12. This class is geared toward the PSEO/College-bound students.  Using the Institute for Excellence in writing program, we will work on reaction papers, literary analysis, college essays, compare/contrast papers, and the MLA style research paper (used in most college courses).

* British Literature Discussion Group II * :   Grades 9-12. Along with reading four classic books (Beowulf, Animal Farm, The Screw tape Letters, and a group choice) , there will be a written essay assignment after each major book discussion.  The books will be announced at the first class session if there is a change. It is guaranteed there will be lively discussion and British cultural explanations.

* Student Tutoring *:  Individual tutoring for students with specific needs or interests.  Please contact Kathy Smith for details and time slots available.


* College Note-Taking and Study Skills *:  Grades 10-12.  Exploring a variety of note taking styles, the students will decide what works best for them.  There will be several lectures to practice taking notes. Study skills will be addressed by checking learning styles, how to create weekly and semester class schedules, tips on studying for tests, forming study groups, good study habits, syllabus forms, and prioritizing homework for college classes.

* College Prep *: Grades 10-12.  This course will delve into the process of several topics pertaining to college preparation such as searching for a college, applications, filling out the FAFSA, grants, loans, scholarships, etc.  Parents are welcome to sit in on a few of the class sessions.

Kathy Smith
St. Cloud, MN