There are far too many scholarship opportunities to list, but here are a few scholarship programs that are great for homeschoolers to participate in Central MN.

VFW’s Voice of Democracy scholarship

"Each year, nearly 38,000 high school students from across the country enter to win a share of the $2.2 million in educational scholarships and incentives awarded through the VFW’s Voice of Democracy audio-essay competition."

MCCL Oratory Contest

"The annual MCCL Oratory Contest is a fun and rewarding way for high school teens to take part in the right-to-life movement! It helps students shape the opinions of their peers and equips them with practical public speaking skills. The contest is open to high school juniors and seniors. The national contest is sponsored by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund and implemented through all 50 state affiliates."

Stearns Electric Association

"Northern Cooperative Foundation Scholarship Applications are available through Stearns Electric Association. Scholarships will be awarded to students from the four state area; of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota, who are seniors in or a graduate of high school who show potential for significant cooperative organizations.

Applicants must be a member of a cooperative, be enrolled full-time at an institution of higher learning and will take courses in business or economics that study the principles of cooperatives. If such a course is not offered at the student’s higher learning institution, the applicant must submit a letter agreeing to take such a course at another institution."

IEEE: Scholarships and Awards

There are several scholarships for college students majoring in certain fields including course work in engineering, computer science and information technology, physical sciences, biological and medical sciences, mathematics, technical communications, education, management, law, and policy.

Central MN Credit Union

Local Credit Union usually have some scholarships available for local student. 

National Merit Scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship is a non-renewable, one-time award of up to $2500. But this is just the beginning. The National Merit Scholarship is also a stepping stone to many other scholarships.

Colleges love to publicize how many National Merit Scholars they have on campus. College-sponsored merit scholarships can be very large, even full scholarships. Some colleges will only give their largest monetary award to a student who names that college as their first choice university, and will provide lesser scholarships to other National Merit Scholars.

To participate, your children need to take the PSAT in October of 11th grade.  The National Merit Scholarship competition is a long, drawn-out process, lasting over a year.  Although you receive PSAT test scores during junior year, it’s not until the following August or September of senior year that Commended Students are notified, and for them the competition has ended.  In February the semi-finalist students will be notified and for them the competition continues until the Summer of the 12th grade year when the winners are finally announced.

Here is a website link with more of the details.